What Are The Potential Benefits Of Carrageenan, A Chemical Isolated From Red Algae?

CarrageenanCarrageenan is one of ingredients used in making food with wide applications. It is potentially used as alternative for Gelatin, which is used for solidifying food. In other words, it can be used as thickener to make food in correct consistency. Especially while making desserts, gelatin is used more. Comparatively, Gelatin is costly than this algal compound. Therefore, it can potentially replace gelatin in thickening desserts. It helps in retaining moisture content in cooked meats. This enhances its taste and chewiness. Chocolate found in chocolate milk is kept mixed only due to addition of this algal compound. Otherwise, in its absence chocolate would be separated from milk and forms sediments. To add up tastes and maintain consistency, this algal compound is so useful and ideal. Since it is added to most food dishes, it is fairly good enough to rely on.

Since there is not even a case reported for harmful affects that caused by consuming this algal compound. This is a successful factor about this compound. Comparing another compound which is derived from Carrageenan, named Poligeenan the former is safe to consume while the derivative is harmful and unsafe to consume. In most cases people worry about safety of consuming new compounds which are added to food products. Well, there is no need to worry about this algal compound as US FDA approved consumption of Carrageenan and declared that it is safer enough to consume that in any natural form but not in its degraded or derivative form (that is commonly called Poligeenan). Since mixing of these two chemicals is dangerous in provoking harmful effects to consumers, it is highly warned not to mix them at any cost. When you are so keen on your nutrition and nourishment along with side effects of consumables, it is better to take carrageenan instead of gelatin based food.